Handle your patient with gentle care and save your back!

Innovative tilting technology with smooth movement of the columns helps to turn the patient gently with less physical effort. The nurse will perform routine nursing procedures more ergonomically, and with reduced load and risk of back injury. Empirical measurements…


New sophisticated features for early patient mobilization

Early mobility in the ICU could minimize the loss of functional abilities, thereby shorten hospital stays. Therefore we have developed multifunctional bed frames to help with the immobilization syndrome prevention.


Orthopnoeic position for easier breathing

The orthopnoeic chair position is mainly indicated for patients with dyspnoea at rest. This one-button function places the patient into a high Fowler’s position, thereby reducing pressure in the abdominal area for easier diaphragmatic breathing and facilitating…



New smart technology for the prevention of pressure ulcers

The new integrated mattress for ICU – OptiCare – provides patient with optimising care. The system detects when the patient has entered the bed. This automatically initiates the optimisation process, thereby saving the time normally required for nurses to set the…



Fall risk prevention

Falls are, without a doubt, one of the biggest risks of hospital care and result in severe complications. According to a study conducted by the Thomayer University Hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, as many as 65% of falls are bed-related. That is why LINET beds are…



Smart CPR button: efficient and fast

In the event of cardiac arrest, fast cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the only way to prevent damage to vital organs. Thanks to the smart controls of LINET ICU beds, fast CPR action begins with the push of a button.

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