Immersion and envelopment

Six detectors within the mattress sense the patient’s level of immersion and facilitate the automatic adjustment of the pressure throughout the mattress to adjust to each patient’s weight, height, and position. The pressure on the patient’s body is low in all places and optimally distributed. The even distribution across the entire body area eliminates excessive pressure at the risk points thanks to above-standard immersion and envelopment.

  • IMMERSION: the depth of the patient’s level in relation to the mattress surface.
  • ENVELOPMENT: the degree to which the patient is surrounded by the mattress.

Fully-integrated system

OptiCare mattress is compatible with Multicare and Eleganza 5 beds. The controls for both the mattress and bed are integrated into a single control panel built into the bed. The customisable user interface provides the clinical staff with the option to modify the controls on the interface and allows control of only the required features.

MicroClimate Management (MCM)

In the context of pressure ulcers, microclimate usually refers to skin temperature and moisture conditions at the skin-support surface interface. OptiCare helps to maintain the natural thermoregulation by circulating air through the mattress surface and helps to control the heat and humidity of the patient’s skin, which is an important part of maintaining tissue viability.

Heel zone

The heel section has a 7-degree slope and is lined with a softer foam that gives the patient the best support. This significantly reduces the risk of heel pressure ulcers.

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